Bitcoin2.0 & Blockchain 관련 프로젝트 또는 기업들

원본 링크 :


Alexandria – A project to develop a platform for content creators.

Align Commerce – A low-cost cross border invoicing and payments service.

ArteQuesta – Focusing on using block chains to record the provenance of art.

Ascribe – Registers and manages ownership of digital creations.

Auger – Building a decentralized prediction market, based on Ethereum’s block chain.

BitShares – A crypto currency platform – an alternative to bitcoin, for building decentralized applications built on its own block chain.

Bitproof – Certifies creations and intellectual property on the bitcoin block chain.

Block Verify – Detecting counterfeit goods, such as electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Blockchain Apparatus – Develops solutions for voting and smart wills.

Blockchain Technologies Corp. – Holding company for a number of different block chain technology-focused ventures.

BlockCypher – Offers Web Services APIs and a cloud platform to rapidly develop and run block chain applications.

BlockSign – Provides a blockchain service for legally signing any document, contract, or agreement.

Blockstack – Tools to enable financial services firms to build applications on a private block chain.

Blockstream – Developer of sidechain technology – Proposing a method to create block chains that run alongside the bitcoin block chain, interacting with one another to tap into liquidity.

BlockTrail – Offers APIs for bitcoin data and payments and a block chain explorer.

Chain – Provides a range of APIs for developers allowing them to build block chain applications more quickly.

Clearmatics – Developing post-trade financial processing systems based on block chain technology.

Coinbase – As well as its primary wallet business, Coinbase also leads the open source Toshi block chain API project.

Coinprism – Provides a colored coin wallet – based on the Open Assets Protocol – allowing the bitcoin block chain to be used with any asset.

Coinsetter – Working on Project High Line, a platform for securities settlement based on block chain technologies.

Colu – Provides proof of ownership of digital assets via a consumer application and an API.

Counterparty – A suite of financial tools in a protocol built on top of the bitcoin block chain and using the block chain as a service for the reliable publication and timestamping of its messages.

CredyCo – A document verification service for due diligence activities.

Crypti – A development platform for decentralized applications.

Deloitte – Offers Rubix, a platform for developing block chain-based applications.

Digital Asset Holdings – Developing post-trade processing solutions for the securities markets. Acquired Hyperledger and Bits of Proof.

Enigma – A MIT project to build a decentralized cloud platform.

Epiphyte – Developing a bridge between traditional finance and crypto-finance.

Eris Industries – A distributed application platform with its own block chain, derived from Etherium.

Etherium – A crypto currency platform – an alternative to bitcoin, for building decentralized applications built on its own block chain.

Everledger (formerly Blocktrace) – Providing insurance-related solutions for diamonds and other valuables.

Factom – A ‘Proof of’ Platform – Works alongside the bitcoin block chain to provide audit trails for the creation and modification of documents and processes.

Gem – A full stack API to speed development of bitcoin and crypto currency applications.

Genecoin – Proposed service to encode human genome data into the bitcoin block chain.

Hedgy – A block chain-based bitcoin derivatives market.

Hello Block – Block chain data API and test facilties.

Infinity Algorithms – Building an exchange for the SAFE Network to transact between SAFEcoins and other crypto, such as bitcoin.

Ldger – Building a block chain-based platform for marketplace lending and alternative financial products.

MaidSafe – for “Massive Array of Internet Disks, Secure Access For Everyone” – A distributed data management service based on the SAFE network, leveraging storage provided by participants in the network. Similar decentralization focus as block chain, but does not use a block chain in its design.

Mirror – Creating a peer-to-peer trading network for financial assets, based on bitcoin’s block chain.

MoneGraph – A service for securing digital assets, such as artwork.

NXT – A Crypto Currency Platform – an alternative to bitcoin, for building decentralized applications built on its own concensus mechanism. So strictly speaking, not a block chain project.

OMNI – formerly Mastercoin – A decentralized smart contracts protocol built on top of bitcoin.

Onename – Creating identity management solutions for block chains.

Peernova – Application developer building decentralized offerings for storage of records and movement of digital assets.

Proof of Existence – A simple web service for notarizing electronic documents on the bitcoin block chain.

R3CEV – Engaged in consulting and seed investments in fintech and block chain.

Ripple – A decentralized payment and remittance system built on its own consensus mechanism. So stictly speaking, not a block chain project.

RISKebiz Capital Management – Developing micro-insurance services using block chain approaches and crypto currencies.

SETL – Developing permissioned block chain technology to process financial markets transactions.

ShoCard – Developing mobile-based digital identity cards for online transactions.

Skuchain – Supply chain managements solutions based on block chain technology.

Smartcontract – Provides a mechanism to create trust based agreements/smart contracts driven by real-time internet data.

Stampery – Creates legally-binding proof of existence and ownership.

Stellar – Developing a decentralized money transfer system, forked from Ripple. So like Ripple, strictly not a block chain project.

Storj – Provides decentralized cloud storage.

Symbiont – Developing a platform for trading smart securities, based on Counterparty’s technology.

Team Blockchain – Consulting group.

Tripleentry – Developing block chain-based solutions for financial audits.

Trunomi – Identity management solutions based on decentralized technology.

Verisart – A service for verifying the authenticity of art.

Viacoin – A platform for asset issuance and P2P trading.

Vinumeris – A decentralized crowdfunding platform.

XeroClear – Building a decentralized clearing network.

Zennet – Public Supercomputing – Large scale distributed compute resources, leverageing block chain technology to manage process of matching compute consumers with providers.

블록체인 응용 기술 기업

ArteQuesta :

블록체인에 미술 작품에 대한 소유권의 역사 또는 기원등을 기록하여 이를 증명하는 기술을 연구하는 회사. 특히 캘리포니아 기반의  Factom과 Proof-of-Existence등의 기업이 있다.


Block Verify :

런던에 위치한 기업. 블록체인 기술을 응용해 제약, 럭셔리, 보석, 전자제품등의 위조를 방지하는 방법을 연구. 블록체인에 태그 정보들을 기록하고 모바일 앱을 통해 이를 확인할 수 있는 제품을 개발.


Blockchain Apparatus :

덴버에 위치한 기업. 블록체인 기술을 응용해 투명하고 안전하며 부패하지 않은 투표 시스템 개발을 연구.


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